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MISBHV Recordings

MISBHV004 opens with Inside The Dark Echo – a claustrophobic, stifling, relentless, sensual dance with desire. Darkroom complexity with heavy surface tension built on an EBM undercurrent flirt with subtle psychedelia and traces of acid that slowly firm up their multi-layered grip through its running time of six and a half minutes.

Warszawa paints a stripped-back, tantalizing picture. Opening with a brutalist, militant drum programming and surprisingly spacious, warm bassline, its rigid rhythm, tightened up by a repetitive, cold breath mantra eventually opens up to bright, shimmering synth flickers evoking olibanum – the sacred scent of altar candles. Warszawa is looking at the multilayered melody of its landscape – from eerie Soc-realist blockhouses, through neon-lit, seedy strip clubs of the 90s to opulent sacral architecture.

Warm Waters Of Eternity subtly weave a cinematic, Carpenteresque soundscape with a sense of overpowering, ecstatic innocent euphoria that invokes a dream of an early 1990s rave deep in the dark woods of Poland.


This summit of two dance music heavyweights brings out the essence of their musical paths. Listening to new collaboration specially commissioned by MISBHV recordings one may wonder why is it actually the very first time DJ Hell and Matt "Radio Slave" Edwards worked together? Here, two dance music heavyweights join forces to take us on a 20-minute trip to an adult-themed clubland fantasy.

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MISBHV002: Meditations CD

MISBHV002: Meditations, assembled across the space of spring of 2021 is a raw and immediate response to a changed musical landscape the past months have revealed to us. It arises from many hours of conversations about techniques of meditation and engaged withdrawal, fueled by a sense of uncertainty about what it means to make music—in so many ways a social practice—at a time when we have little choice but to experience it in the solitude of our private homes.


We are proud to annouce the launch MISBHV Recordings - a dream project and natural progression steming from our work with Unsound in Poland, CXEMA in Ukraine, Keinemusik in Germany and Transmoderna in Ibiza.

  • A1 Wolfram - Rein (MCNZI Remix)
  • A2 Wolfram - Rein (DJ Hell MISBHV Edit)
  • B1 DJ Hell - Copa (Original 1999 Version)
  • B2 DJ Hell - Copa (Wirski MISBHV Edit)
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    MBH001 12
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